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Top 11 free job portals in India for a better job search

Searching for the right job is the priority of every young individual. A few decades ago there were only a few options to do a job search. Either you have to get referred by someone who is already working in the company or go through the newspapers every day for job vacancies. That was the time when government jobs were the only good professional option available to educated young individuals.

Thanks to the digital revolution in our time which made everything possible with a single click. Job portals in India provide easy access to attractive and high-paid jobs in India and abroad on the go. Today, job sites are one of the most popular portals used by job seekers across the globe to find the right jobs which meet their qualifications and experiences. Job sites brought a revolution in the entire recruitments processes. Most of the top jo portals offer resume writing services at an extra charge.

Steps to find a job in the job sites

Register your profile and fill up all the information and upload your resume. Then you are ready to start with your job search.

 We made a list of 11 top job portals for you based on popularity, reputation,easy-to-use search, filter options, navigations, and easiness in the application process.

Top 11 free job portals in India

jobs portals in india is one of the first job portals in India which is founded in 1997. Naukri is the top job site in India in terms of the market share in the job search market space and the number of users. There are approximately 50 million registered users on  Their Hassle-free registration, international presence, and global job listings position them as one of the best among the job portals in India.

job portals in india

Monster is one of the biggest job portals in the world founded in 1999 in the United States and expanded quickly all over the world. They started their operation in India in 2001. They offer quick job searches and free job alerts on the latest job opportunities. This is one of the most used job portals in India for overseas jobs. They have jobs listed under different categories like government jobs, contract jobs, walk-in jobs, and jobs for fresher. You can also find jobs in monster based on your skill, preferred location, and Industry.


job portals in india

Indeed, is one of the top job portals in the world and has a presence in more than 60 countries. The main attraction of the website is the clean and minimalistic design and user-friendly interface without any graphics or images compared to other job portals in India. It is very easy to search for jobs in Indeed, you just need to enter the job type or industry and select the preferred city and click on search.

In Indeed prospective job seekers can easily narrow down the exact job opportunities he is searching for. Moreover Indeed connects employers and employees so you can be assured that your resume has seen by the employer.

4. LinkedIn

job portals in india

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world with active users of more than 690 is different from traditional job portals in India. You need to a create a profile first in LinkedIn then you can start searching for the right position that suits your qualification and experience and also can connect with people from the same or other Industries. In a way LinkedIn profile is an extended version of your resume, so please make sure you are building an attractive profile with accurate information that can make the potential employers to get an idea about your skillset and experiences. Your connection can endorse for your skills and can write recommendation in LinkedIn.

Undoubtedly LinkedIn is the best platform to connect directly with top management and decision-makers of various firms in the world.

5. KillerLaunch

job portals in india

KillerLaunch is one of the best job sites where you can find internships and jobs in leading Start-ups and technology companies in your preferred location. This portal is particularly made for students and young professionals. Here you can search by company or location and also can view company reviews before you apply. They have both free and premium membership plans.


jobs portals in india emerged as one of the strong competitors for multinational job portals in India by positioning itself as a preferred job site for professional who is looking for a job change. Shine is owned by the Hindustan Times group. Shine is also providing resume builder service on an extra charge with the help of expert professionals. Many of the international firms are posting jobs in Shine.


free job portals in india

Glassdoor is originally started as a platform to rate and review the company’s work culture by ex and serving employees. Employees can leave honest reviews anonymously but have to verify with their Company name and work email to make sure reviews are real and written by the employees. Here the job seekers will get a clear idea about the Company’s work culture by looking at the reviews before applying. In Glassdoor job seekers can upload the resume and can select the preferred industry you want to work with. Based on your preference this portal will connect you to the recruiter and employers in the Industry. Glassdoor is now one of the leading job portals in India.


job portals in india

Upwork is one of the leading job portals in India for freelancers. There are many people out there who don’t want to do regular 9 to 5 jobs. This portal is one of the best options for those who want to do freelance jobs. Upwork is a US-based job site with job listings from all across the world. First, you need to create your profile then you can bid for freelance assignments. Once you successfully bag the assignment and complete it then Upwork will take a certain percentage of the total amount.

9.Times Jobs

job portals in india

When it comes to making the best career decisions, this Indian Job portal is one of the most well-known names to look for.  It has a full mix of relevant knowledge and observations. Job applicants get one cloud service with its unique features like salary, talent benchmarking, Interview cracking tips, and even employers get the right kind of recommendation based on profile in this one of India’s most well-known Job Site.

10.Job Rapido

job portals in india

Job Rapido is one of the leading job portal that allows you to search for jobs in Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Asia Pacific. You can search for your dream jobs abroad in Job Rapido. You can also search jobs based on locations and job titles. You can register your profile and upload the skill, experience and preferred location details in the website.

11.IIM Jobs

free job portals in india

IIM Jobs is founded and run by a group of young professionals whose mission is to assist job seekers in finding the ideal position. IIM Jobs has job openings in almost every industry and company, from large tech giants to fast-growing start-ups. Find the best jobs from all fields and industries. In a very short time, IIM jobs became a preferred job portal in India for younger professionals. They have both android and IOS app where you can search for the ideal jobs on the go.


The job market and technology are rapidly changing, keep yourself updated, focus on professional development and sharpen your skills. Most companies prefer professionals who, in addition to having the requisite skills, are also good at communicating, working in a team, and being creative.

Visit the job portals in India which are listed above for your job search. Wish you all the very best in your career.