highest paid jobs in India

Top 10 highest paid jobs in India 2021

Are you checking out the highest paid jobs in India? Many students are confused about what to do after 12th and graduation. Today we’ll discuss some of the top jobs where you’ll get the highest salaries.

Every person wants to earn more and extra income. That’s why we have prepared the list of the highest-paying jobs in India for freshers. However, salaries are hooked into many factors, like education, qualifications, and knowledge.

When you enter the market as a fresher the most important challenge you face is finding the right job which suits your qualification and interest. There are many opportunities within the market but you’ll need to find the one which suits you the foremost.

1. Medical Professionals (Doctors)

highest paid jobs in India

Doctors are some of the most reputed and highly paid professionals. A fresh MBBS doctor can easily earn a minim of 1 lac rupees per month and it can go up many folds depends on experience and specialization. Other medical professions like health administration and Nursing emerged as a promising career now along with traditional streams like dentistry and optometry. The Healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing Industry and it offers the highest paid jobs in India.

If you are good at studies and completed 12th in Science stream (Physic, Chemistry, and Biology) with a minimum of 60 % marks, then you can write the medical entrance exam to get into top medical colleges in India for MBBS Course.

Top ranked Medical Colleges in India
  • 2.CMC, Vellore

2. Commercial Pilot

highest paid jobs in India

Commercial Pilot job in the Aviation Sector is one of the highest paid jobs in India. Being a Pilot, you’ll enjoy an exciting, rewarding & fast-paced lifestyle. you’ll even have a chance to experience new cultures and travel around the world. Becoming a pilot is the dream of many but you should be physically fit with good eyesight and it is one of the most expensive courses. Once you complete the training and pass the Commercial Licence exam with 200 hours of flying you can expect a salary of a minimum of 20 lacs per annum from leading airlines.

In order to apply for a Commercial Pilot Course, you should complete your 12th with Maths, Physics, and Chemistry along with English.

Some of the Top Pilot Training Institutes in India are

3. Indian Civil Services

highest paid jobs in India

Indian Civil Services jobs are one of the most lucrative and highest-paid government jobs in India. A civil Service officer can earn a minimum of 12 lac rupees per year with a lot of benefits. This is one of the toughest exams to crack and needs patience and disciplined preparation. you should have a minimum degree in any stream to eligible to apply for the civil services exam. Exams are conducted in three phases a preliminary test, the main exam, and followed by a personal interview. Major Indian Civil Services Consists of Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Service, and Indian Foreign Services.

4. Chartered Accountant

highest paid jobs in India

Chartered Accountant jobs are one of the most in-demand jobs and of the highest paid jobs in India. It’s a career if you are interested in Taxation and accounting.  As a fresher you can get a minimum of 6 lacs per annum and will increase with your expertise and experience.CA exams are one of the toughest exams, but if you can work hard it’s a sure success and the sky is the limit for the earning. The Chartered Accountant exams are conducted by ICAI and three phases,

 CPT (Common Proficiency Test)

IPCC (Integrated Professional Competence Course)

FC (Final course)

The entire course will take 5 years if you pass all exams in one attempt. To apply for CA, course you need to pass 12th Exams in any streams with good scores.

5. Data Scientist

highest paid jobs in India

This is relatively new with lucrative package one of the best job in India. A data scientist is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large amount of data.  A data scientist can earn a minimum of 7 lacs per annum as a fresher, so without doubt we can say this is one of the highest paid jobs in India.

corporate companies are realizing the importance of data. They want to understand and analyze customer behavior and trends and use that information for marketing strategies and business decisions. Every online action generates a user data. Expertise in managing the data is very important that is where the role of a data scientist come into picture.

A recent report by leading media showed that there is a huge demand for data scientists in India. How to become a data scientist? There are many specialized courses available online and offline for Engineering graduates and Graduates with an affinity towards analytics, programming, and computers.

Some of the Courses available in India are

6.Software Developer

 highest paid jobs in India

Software developers earn top salaries in India. However, your salary will depend upon many factors like your employer the domain, and location. A Software engineer as a fresher earns a minimum of 3 to 4 lacs per annum. Depends on the employer it can even go up to 10 lacs per year. Software developers are responsible to build both the backend and front of software. As a software developer, you should have good knowledge of Coding.

A Graduate degree in Computer science/IT or B. tech/B. E in Computer Science will help you land into the dream of securing a highest paying job in India as a software developer.

7. Machine Learning Specialist

 highest paid jobs in India

A Machine Learning Specialist is professionally responsible for developing machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on developing algorithms that can analyze the data and make predictions. Average Machine Expert Salary in India is 6 lacs per annum with a year of experience and this is one of the best jobs in India.

How to become a Machine Learning Expert? you should have a minimum qualification of B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science/IT/Mathematics and Statistics. You should have statistical knowledge and programming skills.

Top Courses for Machine Learning

8.Company Secretary

highest paid jobs in India

Company Secretary jobs are one of the highest paying jobs in India. Company Secretary (CS) is one of the major positions in a company. A Company Secretary is appointed to handle the legal aspects of a company and he/she is responsible for compliance. Tax and statutory regulations, to qualify as a CS (Company Secretary) one have to complete the CS Program from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). The Course consists of three levels named Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, and Professional Programme. The minimum qualification required to apply for the Foundation program is 12th pass in any stream (except fine arts) from a recognized board.

9. Lawyer

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Lawyers are one of the highest paid professionals in India. Remuneration depends on the qualification and experience and expertise in the domain. As a corporate lawyer you can earn an average of 6 to 7 lacs per year in the beginning. There are many new opportunities are coming in the field of law for example cyber laws, risk manager and merger and acquisitions. Once you complete your 12th you can apply for 5 years BA LLB Course or you can choose 3 years LLB Course after your graduation.

Top law schools in India are

10.Marketing Manager

highest paid jobs in India

This is one of the highest paid jobs in India, as a fresher you can expect a minimum of 7 lacs per annum and will increase based on the experience and can earn anywhere between 15-25 lac per annum as an experienced marketing manager.

Marketing is a vital part of any business regardless of the Industry. Marketing Manager is responsible for implementing and creating marketing strategies for the company to meet the reputation and goals of a brand. He/she has to oversee the budgets for marketing and media campaigns and has to work closely with advertising agencies for advertisement contracts.

To qualify as a Marketing Manager. You should have a degree in Marketing or Business administration or any related field, and even the graduates from other fields also can try for a Marketing Manager job.MBA from a reputed University/college will always be a plus for a Marketing Professional.

Some of the Top MBA Institutes in India are


These are the top 10 highest-paid jobs in India. I am sure that the above information will help you to decide your career path. However, one should always follow his goal or passion than the salary, end of the day what matters is job satisfaction. If you enjoy and dedicated to what you do, then success will follow.