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10 best Internship Websites for College students in India


Students are learning how to be smart professionals today, combining academics with the development of new skills. Internships are a fantastic way to do so. Internships are extremely beneficial to a student’s growth. It allows you to gain new skills and experience, new work environments, and they also allow you to find out what you enjoy doing and what you don’t. Internships help students gain experience, and they look great on a resume to potential employers. However, we often become confused as to where to begin this phase.

We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best internship websites in India for you to check out in this article. These websites provide a great forum for looking for internships based on your interests in location and job to make the process easier. These internship sites were compared on different factors including the number of internships available, the quality of internships available to make it easy for our readers.

Here is the list of the 10 best Internship Websites for College students in India.

1. Internshala

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This is one of the most popular internship website and probably the first that new students or employees can visit. This website offers thousands of opportunities in a variety of fields and domains to all of its users. Students can also use the website to sign up for various training programs such as web development, data science, Digital Marketing, Python, and a variety of others.

About 3.5 million students use the Internshala internship website, which has collaborated with over 80000 companies. Applying for internship through website is really simple. Students may build their own profiles and filters, and the algorithm will show them internships that are customised to their requirements.

It is designed specifically for students, which is why it provides many work-from-home and part-time internship opportunities for students who are unable to commit large amounts of time to their internships due to their academic obligations. The stipends available are clearly listed, and students must write responses to prospective employees explaining why they must be chosen.


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LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform in the world with active users of more than 690 is also an excellent platform to find internship options. You need to a create a profile first in LinkedIn then you can start searching for the right companies for internships that suits your qualification and also can connect with people from the same or other Industries.

This website also has an entire section dedicated to students and working professionals who want to learn new and applicable skills. You will also find people in your social circles who share your interests by connecting your social media handles. Students can filter their internship search on LinkedIn, and there are thousands of options to choose from. Perhaps Limkein is also one of the best internship website.


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LetsIntern: This is an internship website in India that allows college students to find internships in their fields. This website connects students with some of the best internship opportunities from companies such as Amdocs, Uber, and Café Coffee day. Employers and students will also register on the website in a similar manner, allowing for easier communication between students and the companies.

4.Hello Intern

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Hello Intern is a fantastic internship website that is widely recognized as the world’s leading internship resource. Students can apply for internships with big corporates, start-ups, and non-profit organizations through this website. Ford Motors, Makemytrip, Skoda, PVR, Oracle, and many other companies are among the major internship opportunities offered by this website. This site also offers a very unique global internship program.


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This is another excellent internship website as well as job portal for students and working professionals looking for internships and employment. Employers and companies may use this website to find and recruit the best people and talent. There are millions of choices to choose from, and all you have to do to begin the application process is creating an ID and password. Users may also post reviews of various companies and compare salaries for various positions on this website.

Glassdoor has a separate section just for students called Glassdoor for Students, which is one of the best job search resources for starting your new career. You can look for internships and fresher jobs here, as well as research salaries, companies, career paths, and interview tips. This site can also assist you in locating the ideal job/internship for you based on your previous searches, interests, and educational level. What could be more valuable than hearing the inside scoop from those who have lived it?


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Indeed, is not only the best job search sites out there; it’s also a great internship website to find awesome intern opportunities.

It is very easy to search in Indeed. Finding internships takes less than a minute since there are just two blanks to fill in: what and where. That is everything there is to it. also allows you to submit your resume for employers to review, and they will contact you if you are a good candidate for a job they are looking for.

7.Google Jobs

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You might have looked up the best internship websites using Google. Did you know, however, that Google has its own job and internship board?

Simply type “internships in Bangalore” or “internships in Mumbai” into the Google search bar, depending on where you’re looking for an internship. Google Jobs will serve up the best internships in your area after a quick search of available internships in the city you want. If none of the options offered fit your needs, the site also has a complete job listing that you can look through.


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stuMagz is an online exploration site that connects students, faculties and companies all over India. Sri Charan Lakkaraju and Frederick Devarampati created the Hyderabad-based start-up with the aim of bringing digital life to the conventional university newspaper or magazine through hundreds of colleges. Users can post their own stories, activities, ventures, discussions, and corporate internship opportunities on the website and app.

Internships in both technology and non-technology are available. The platform is a fantastic place to start building your online presence. The user interface is extremely user-friendly. stuMagz is a forum for brands to connect with a talented pool of students, with a scope of more than 500 colleges. Without any doubt Stumags is one of the best internship website in in India.

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MakeIntern is a platform that connects students with companies to provide internship opportunities. Students can also gain skills through Makeintern’s workshops (1000+ workshops in various colleges) and e-learning. The establishment of Make Intern is done by Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri on 21st of May, 2013. With the vision to help students to develop their skills and to bring out the best of them. This will benefit them professionally as well as socially, and each student should participate in internships.

It’s Pan India presence help you to find your best suited internship opportunities. They offer three types of internships, namely virtual, campus and office internships. Makeintern is one of the best internships website in India with its huge network of students and corporates.


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It is primarily a job portal, but it also serves as one of India’s best internship websites.

The contacts with the government sector set it apart. Fresher World claims to be the most popular website for applying for government employment. However, this gives students the opportunity to look for internships in both the private and public sectors., with over 1.5 million resumes in its database. Every month, over 3 lakh resumes from entry-level graduates across the country are added. They have a presence in colleges in over 100 cities across India and provide Fresher Recruitment Solutions to over 60K recruiters. Facebook, EMC, Toshiba, Huawei, Sonus Networks, Motorola, Alcatel Lucent, NetApp, Goodrich, Siemens, Amazon, Symphony Services, ABB, MuSigma, Akamai, Flipkart, Oracle, Practo, Berger Paints, HDFC Life, and a number of other companies are among their clients.


These are the top ten internship websites to visit if you’re thinking about applying for an internship. We’ve attempted to make this list as comprehensive as possible. There are many other internship websites that offer the same services as above. In short finding jobs, or even internships can be done with just a click of a button and we wish you luck in your quest for the internship program of your dreams! Do you have any concerns, suggestions, or other websites where you can find internships that we can add to our list? Let’s talk in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!