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10 Best companies in India to work for in 2021 [Tech Sector]

Although every company wants to be the best companies in India to work for, businesses that aim to make their employees feel comfortable, confident, efficient, and happy are the best employers as per studies. Job satisfaction and employee retention are two important factors that distinguish a company from the competition. Every young person’s ambition is to work for the best companies in India or abroad.

When contemplating a new employment opportunity, most job seekers recognize the employer’s credibility. The most critical things to consider when applying for a job at a tech company are online feedback from current and former employees.

So if you are looking for a job in the best companies in India in the tech sector here are the best companies you can go for.

10 Best companies in India to work for in 2021 [Tech Sector]


best companies in India

Sector: Gaming, Computer software and hardware

NVidia Corporation is an American global technology    company that makes graphics cards based in Santa Clara, California, and incorporated in Delaware. It creates graphics processing units (GPUs) for gaming and professional markets, as well as system on a chip (SoCs) for mobile computing and automotive applications.

The company employs a diverse and enthusiastic team of experts who are committed to addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. Employees are encouraged to do things that have never been done before. It has a fast-paced, agile culture that encourages creativity and rewards innovation. They believe that the project should be the driving force for the employees.

NVidia is offering attractive work-life balance options to the employees and employees can focus on their life’s work because they know they’ll be cared for in positive ways. The company is concentrating on programs that protect their physical, emotional, and medical well-being and that of their family. The company is also making an effort to predict what their employees need at various stages of their lives, such as coping with student loans, caring for elderly parents, or starting a family. So NVidia tops in the list of best companies in India in the tech sector to work for in 2021.

Nvidia has 5 offices in India, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. Find the careers at NVidia.


best companies in India

Sector: Internet

Google is one of the top tech company in the world, based in the US founded in the year 2004 with a strong vision to become the largest internet service provider, Google is the best place to work because it has some of the best employee benefits or perquisites, opportunities for career advancement, work that has a profound impact on society, and creative values. That is why it ranks as one of the best companies in India to work for.

According to a survey, over 2000000 people apply for jobs at Google every year.

Google has 4 offices in India which are based in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

Please find the Google careers page.


best companies in India

Sector: Networking, Computer hardware and software.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology corporation based in Silicon Valley’s heartland, San Jose, California. Cisco is a high-technology company that designs, produces, and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-tech services and products. Cisco specializes in specific tech markets, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), domain protection, and energy management, through its various acquired subsidiaries such as OpenDNS, Webex, Jabber, and Jasper. Cisco reincorporated in Delaware on January 25, 2021.

Cisco offers an employee-friendly work environment that includes good HR policies, flexible work schedules, no formal dress code, no micromanagement, freedom of expression, and a forum for learning and development.

There is a long list of benefits at Cisco, including monetary compensation, training and events, internal opportunities, food, transportation, and so on. This makes Cisco one of the best Best companies in India in the Tech space to work for.

Cisco’s Global Development Centre in Bangalore is the biggest outside of the United States, and it’s ideal for aspiring techies. It houses Cisco’s research and development, IT, facilities, and customer care departments, as well as developing different business models.

Please check out the Careers at cisco here.


best companies in India

Sector: Computer Hardware and Software

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational technology corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, United States. Computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services are developed, manufactured, licensed, supported, and sold by the company. The Microsoft Windows operating system, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers are the company’s most well-known software products. The Xbox video game consoles and the Microsoft Surface line of touchscreen personal computers are the company’s flagship hardware devices. Microsoft was ranked No. 21 in the Fortune 500 list of the biggest US companies by total sales in 2020.

Aside from the fact that it is a well-known tech company, there are a variety of reasons why people find a job with Microsoft appealing. They present an impressive and appealing company culture that emphasizes work-life balance through benefits and a competitive salary. Undoubtedly Microsoft is one of the best companies in India to work for.

Microsoft has offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, the National Capital Region (which includes New Delhi and Gurgaon), and Pune. R&D, information technology, and global services are all housed on the main campus in Hyderabad.

Please check out the Microsoft careers here.


best companies in India

Sector: IT and professional Services.

Accenture plc is a multinational corporation based in Ireland that provides consultancy and processing services. It was a Fortune Global 500 company in 2020, with sales of $44.33 billion and 537,000 employees. 91 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 are among Accenture’s existing clients.

Accenture Labs, the foundation of Accenture’s Innovative Architecture, incubates new concepts and applies cutting-edge technology to provide businesses with game-changing solutions that enable them to capitalise on disruptions.

Some of the Accenture employee benefits in India include free transport, dental and health insurance, job training, retention bonus, international relocation assistance, and competitive salary. Hence, it is regarded as one of the best companies in India to work in 2021.

Please check out the Accenture career page.

6.Larsen & Toubro Infotech

best companies in India

Sector: IT

Larsen & Toubro Infotech Limited (LTI) is a Mumbai-based multinational provider of information technology products and services. LTI was listed as the sixth-largest Indian IT services firm in terms of export revenues by NASSCOM in 2017. According to the Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix for IT service providers, it was among the top 15 IT service providers globally in 2017.

LTI believes in cultivating an innovative culture that pervades everything they do. Empower yourself with opportunities that will propel you to new heights and open up new doors for you. Discover a dynamic work environment brimming with fresh ideas, diverse people, and a natural desire to succeed in LTI.

The company provides a competitive salary along with lot of employee benefits.

Check out the career page of LTI

7.SAP Labs India

best companies in India

Sector: Enterprise Software

SAP is a German MNC established in 1972 and the industry leader in enterprise application software, assisting businesses of all sizes and across all sectors to achieve their full potential: SAP systems handle 77 percent of global transaction revenue.

Their advanced analytics, machine learning, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies assist customers in transforming their companies into intelligent enterprises. Their end-to-end suite of software and services enables our customers to run profitable businesses, adapt quickly, and make a difference.

SAP Labs India is SAP’s largest R&D centre outside of its headquarters in Germany, and it is part of a global lab network of 20 labs in 17 countries. It is one of the first R&D centres of a global company to establish a presence in India, and it has grown in strategic importance for SAP over the last almost two decades.

SAP Labs India is a fantastic place to start your career. They have a positive work culture that values diversity and encourages workers to maintain a healthy work-life balance. You’ll have a number of chances to learn new skills and work on a variety of innovative projects. SAP Labs proves to be the best place to work in 2021.

Please find SAP Careers here.

8.TCS [Tata Consultancy Services]

best companies in India

Sector: IT,IT Consulting

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global Indian information technology (IT) services and consulting firm based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. TCS is the world’s largest IT firm, with a market capitalization of $169.2 billion, as of February 2021. It is a Tata Group subsidiary with operations in 149 locations in 46 countries.

A large number of graduates are hired right out of college by the company. TCS also provides its employees with several onshore Opportunities. The Company has openings for a variety of technical positions.

This company is ranked as one of the greatest workplace to work for in India.

Please check out TCS careers page for job opportunities.


best companies in India

Sector: E-Commerce

Flipkart is one of India’s burgeoning new-age tech firms. The e-commerce company does more than just sell goods on the internet. Flipkart has risen to become India’s largest tech employer as a result of Walmart’s significant investment.

Flipkart is the first E-Commerce company in India to take steps to ensure that its workers have a healthy work-life balance to attract, inspire, and retain more high-quality workers while maintaining complete employee engagement. It’s one of the best companies in India to work for in 2021.

Please check out the flipkart careers here.

10.Tech Mahindra

best companies in India

Sector: IT and ITES

Tech Mahindra is a multinational Indian corporation that specializes in information technology (IT) and business process outsourcing (BPO). The business is headquartered in Pune and has its registered office in Mumbai, and it is a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group.

Tech Mahindra is a US$5.2 billion company with 125,236 workers in 90 countries as of April 2020.

Work-life balance has become the most important reason why people choose to work at Tech Mahindra, and the company’s policies on this are satisfactory. Tech Mahindra offers many technical and non-technical positions. So this is one of the best companies in India to work for in 2021.

Please find Tech Mahindra Careers here.


We hope the above list of Best companies in India to work for help you to decide your next big career move. View the companies that could be your next place of employment and apply for a chance to experience the great benefits, wages, and meaningful jobs that could have a positive effect on millions of people all over the world. Best of Luck