Resume Formats

21 Resume Tips and tricks with Sample Resume Formats.

Resume Formats

In today’s competitive job market, a well-crafted resume is one of the significant requirements potential employers look for. Before an employer offer you an interview, these sheets of paper will pave the way. An awesome resume with a better resume format will have a significant impact on the employer’s decision. Without a resume you can’t even start to compete, Improper resume format will eliminate you before getting into the scene. So it is crucial to have a superior resume, or you have to make a resume for a job, which can clearly show the employer that what you can do for them.

We have compiled important tips and tricks with links to sample resume format websites for a winning resume that can land you in a dream job.


The objective is the summary of your resume on the top of the resume, it’s about you, your motive, your experience, and how the company can benefit from you.

Example: Dedicated Social Media Marketing Manager with 8+ years of experience in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy, wishing to increase brand awareness and online sales by 10%.

2.Look for Sample Resumes and resume formats from your Industry.

While crafting your resume you can look for Sample Resumes from your industry for reference and best practices and do not copy the sample of resume exactly the same but make it simple, readable, and brief.

You can refer the websites like Zety,novoresume, and resume genius for Sample resumes and online Resume builders.

3.Use Reverse Chronology (Order of Experience and Qualification).

It’s very important to follow the chronology of the experiences and educational qualifications in your resume format.List the latest experience in the first place and follow the pattern.

When it comes to education, list the highest qualification in the first and follow the order. List your experiences first followed by your educational qualifications.

4.Updated Contact Information.

Make sure contact information like email address and telephone are updated and double check before you send your resume.

5.Use Professional Email Address in your Resume.

It’s very important to use your name in your email address.Do not use any fancy email addresses in your resume that can cause immediate rejection of your application.

6.List your top Skills.

resume format

List all the top skills you have which are relevant to the job position you are applying for. Like technical skills and management skills. Avoid writing common skills like know how to use a system or email.

7.Use Power words.

Use power words or active language in your resume for example. Achieved employer of the year or accomplished the project before the deadline. Use short sentences and make them simple.

8.Read Job Description.

Read the job description carefully and align your experience and skills. Look for the keywords which are used more often in the description and use it in your highlights or key points which will help you to get the required attention in the application tracking system. You can use the tools like Tag crowd and wordcloud to find the frequently used keywords from the job description.

 9.List out your Achievements.

List out all your top achievements in each job role you have held under your experience section in your resume form with figures. You can also list out your achievements in schools and colleges under the education qualification section.

10.Avoid Short term job in the Resume.

Avoid listing out the job you did for months and left, it can create a negative impact on your job perspective.

11.Use Professional Font.

resume format

Use a professional font like Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica and keep the font size between 10-12 which will make your resume attractive and easy to read.

12.Use of Bullet points and Italics.

Wisely use Bullet points, italics, and bold letters wherever required and keep the uniformity intact, and don’t overuse any of it in your resume.

13.Give Proper Explanation to the Career gap in your Resume (if any)

Do not hesitate to give a brief explanation of the long gap in your career, in fact, it can create a positive impression on the recruiter.

14.Covering Letter.

covering letter

Write a matching covering letter for the resume which should be relevant to the position you are applying for.

15.Clean up your Social Media/Online Presence.

resume format

Update your educational qualifications and experience in your LinkedIn profile which matches your resume. Keep your Facebook and other Social media profile clean by removing any sensitive, offensive content or else it can damage your job prospects.

16.Use Proper Margins for Your Resume.

Ideally, you can use a one-inch margin size on all sides of your CV with single spaces between the line. Make sure you are keeping the margin sizes in less than two inches. Keep your white space text balanced and readable

17.Keep your Resume in 1 Page

You heard it right. The perfect size for a resume is one page, keep all the information concise. If you really have enough relevant experience and achievements to showcase, then you can have more than a one-page resume.

18.Proof Reading your Resume.

No recruiter will tolerate spelling and grammatical errors in the resume format, so proofread once you edit your CV. Take the printout and read it carefully and also give it to your trustworthy friends to check it out.

19.Constantly update your Resume.

Whenever you learn a new skill or take up a new role, refresh your resume by adding new skills and experiences.

20.Naming your Resume File.

This is very important to name your resume file properly with your name for example john_smith_resume. It will help the recruiter to find the name easily.

21.Save your Resume in PDF.

Saving your resume in PDF format will make sure that your CV format is not going to be changed when recruiter open your file in their system.


The first step to obtaining an interview with an employer is often your resume. Make sure that you include the most relevant recent experiences and qualifications updated in your resume, organize it to highlight the most important information, and carefully check for mistakes. It will increase your chance of getting more interview calls and job offers.

In short it’s all about marketing yourself in a most effective way.